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Welcome to Cheryl Rambles! 

I am Cheryl John; a wandering storyteller from India, living an epitome of a backpacker on a budget exploring the Indian culture, and food.

In love with the suburbs, busy shopping streets, lip-smacking desi food and the sun that gives us light; I am a writer on the move and a Computer Science Graduate. I left my 9 to 5 job to be a flower child and to be very frank; life is no longer dull to me. I love to seek adventures off the beaten track, dine with the locals, step out of my comfort zone, stand tall on a cliff roaring like a tigress and jump like a monkey in the waterfalls. I love making local friends, exploring all that’s hidden and run; run right when the sun rises.

When they used to ask me about my career and how I would accomplish something like this, I always had one thing in my mind:

I am not sure of the struggles life might throw my way, but I want to live a happy life and die being known as a well-traversed person.

All through my early life, in spite of an amazing graduation degree and a great score, I always felt like I belonged somewhere else. I used to dream of writing and I used to write poems about it; poems that are still in my big fat diary. Fast forward through all the changes and my college, I felt out of place. Like many others, I landed up working in an MNC as a .NET developer and realized that wasn’t ‘normal’ to me.

Years after a lot of fights, disagreements, and introspection, I ended up working as a Storyteller and it finally seemed like my dreams are here to stay. It was just the beginning.

I am not an heiress or a fund baby and especially back then, I was not even earning enough, hence, I started working as a freelance author and blogger. I started saving up for my itchy feet and I combined both my passions; my itchy feet and my scribbling hand to bring in all the funds.

On a gloomy afternoon in the scorching heat in February, I found my motive when the car broke down at the Gujarat State Highway 236. I knew it then, this is what I wanted.

And that is where everything started….

My lifestyle right now

So far, I have traveled to 5 states in India and I am looking forward to exploring more. The journey has just begun and there are a lot of places to be ticked off my bucket list.

Now I make my way around the country visiting hidden and unspoken places while mingling with the locals and experiencing the very core of the destinations.

I won’t call myself purely nomadic because I come back home every now and then, meet my mum and work a little more to travel extra miles. The other times, I work my freelancing lifestyle while I am traveling.

My mission and dreams for the blog:

Cheryl Rambles

I want to grow this blog as much as I can by bringing in a lot of places and turning it into an ultimate travel resource for you.

This is also for those who wish to travel and earn along with it. I will be sharing all my tips here.

Curious enough to read ahead?

Then, follow me on crazy adventures, pretty stories, and captivating clicks.

To be honest, I started off this blog as a simple scribbling journal for my friends and family but it has now turned into something I dream of growing bigger.

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I am sure you will adore my pictures as much as I love clicking them. I am just a beginner, so… 🙂