Happiness is a hot cup of tea, an old soul- hugging book, roasted chicken with naan and the sound of the sea.

Hey guys,

Welcome to Cheryl Rambles! 

I am Cheryl John; a quirky storyteller exploring the Indian culture, living the history and hogging on food. You can even call me a keen writer by proffession, a travel bug by passion and even a cook as most of my cousins call me.

In love with the suburbs, busy shopping streets, lip-smacking desi food and the sun that gives us light; I am a writer sipping on tea, moonwalking in the kitchen and wandering learning new cultures.

I am a Computer Science Graduate who went for dotting her dreams.

Yes, I left my 9 to 5 to become a full-time storyteller, dreamer, wanderer, hogger and a home cook.

I run my life as a Content Provider and a freelance creative writer. If not writing you’ll find me with a cup of extra hot tea, my laptop, a pan in other hand and a book full of letters to my future. Not to forget I’m a 100% travel crazy and an avid cook.

This website is a reflection of my love for everything around me, exploring new off the beaten places, meeting new people, cooking new recipes, trying new food, experiencing cultures and quirking it out a little.
I picture and film my enthralling experiences, give travel advice, act quirky, eat with the locals, cook and let you live my moments through my pictures and my videos. I even like to dress up, hop like a monkey and wear a lot of mascara sometimes. Oh, and I am sucker for bangles, bindis and jhumkis. So, you can expect a little dash of cuteness here too.



How did it all begin?

I left my 9 to 5 job to be a flower child and to be very frank; life is no longer dull to me. I love to seek adventures off the beaten track, try out new food, dine with the locals, prepare and devour home cooked curries, stand tall on a cliff roaring like a tigress and run wild on the beach.

When they used to ask me about my career and how I would accomplish my dreams, I always had one thing in my mind:

I am not sure of the struggles life might throw my way, but I want to live a happy life and die being known as a well-lived person with no regrets but a bucket full of pink memories, adventures, rainbows and a life lived eating good.

All through my early life, in spite of an amazing graduation degree and a great score, I always felt like I belonged somewhere else. I used to dream of writing and I used to write poems about it; poems that are still in my big fat diary. Fast forward through all the changes and my college, I felt out of place. Like many others, I landed up working in an MNC as a .NET developer and realized that wasn’t ‘normal’ to me.

Years after a lot of fights, disagreements, and introspection, I ended up working as a Storyteller and it finally seemed like my dreams are here to stay. It was just the beginning.

I am not an heiress or a fund baby and especially back then, I was not even earning enough, hence, I started working as a freelance author and blogger. I started saving up for my itchy feet and I combined both my passions; my itchy feet and my scribbling hand to bring in all the funds.

On a gloomy afternoon in the scorching heat in February, I found my motive when the car broke down at the Gujarat State Highway 236. I knew it then, this is what I wanted.

And that is where everything started…

What all do I cover?

  • Travel (for the travel bug in me)
  • Food (for the foodie in me)
  • Recipes (because I love how my granny still cooks me food)
  • My random musings (I am a writer, so yeah!)


How do I earn my living?

I work as a Content Provider and a Freelance Writer day and night to earn for my travel expenses and to make a living out of my passion. While the entire world believes, it’s difficult to be a writer and earn big, I am turning things around for myself.

While I am currently providing content to some really great clients from India and overseas, I am even working on building my own team.

You can check out all my work at No One Cares, Defence Lover, On The Bright, Spincly and a couple of OTHER websites and online businesses that I have helped.

My mission and dreams for the blog:


I want to grow this blog as much as I can by bringing in a lot of places, tons of food recipes and experiences, turning it into an ultimate easy resource for you.

If you are a dreamer like me, looking out for some really cool tips and tricks on being an explorer, and trying out everything from food to travel, then you are at the right place!

Also, I never feature any companies for money. If you might come across companies/ homestays/ cafes/ restaurants etc, on the blog, their mention is solely based on my experience.

I do not do kale or diet charts or oats or quinoa.

I love food the way it is, authentic and rich in flavors.

Curious enough to read ahead?

Then, follow me on crazy adventures, pretty stories, captivating clicks, delish easy to make recipes and yummy food.

To be honest, I started off this blog as a simple scribbling journal for my friends and family but it has now turned into something I dream of growing bigger.

If you like what I do, show me your love on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

You can also contact me in case, you need some secret travel tips, travel, food recipes, travel with me or even if you need content services for your business.

I am sure you will adore my work as much as I love doing it. I am just a beginner, so… 🙂


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