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Holipura Village Chambal
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Through My Soulful Lens: Holipura Village Visit Around Chambal

  What comes to your mind, when you first think of Chambal? Do you think about Phoolan Devi or Paan Singh Tomar? I know even the name ‘Chambal’ creates a fear in our mind but the time has changed. The ravines of the Chambal village no longer house the famous dacoits. The ravines of Chambal (Madhya Pradesh’s Morena and Uttar Pradesh’s Bundalkhand) might definitely be a house to a thousand folklores once upon a time, the ones that are mostly narrated by our grannies in an attempt to threaten us but the village holds much more than what we’ve always …

Cheryl Rambles
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Dear 25 Year Old Me, This Is What I Have To Say

  So recently a friend asked me, “What advice would you give your 25- year- old self?” and I was mum. There were a thousand thoughts running through my mind and I was struggling to string them together and put them all in front of her, all the things I wish to say to my present self. I stood there for a while taking deep breaths, looking out of the window, trying to play with my fingers a little, gathering all that courage and looking for the right moment to retch them all out. It was not like I had …

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Dear Me, Thank You!

Heartaches, breakups, peer pressure, career setbacks and what not. Well, the list of all these heart-wrenching, grief-stricken words never end. Moreover, every time that these make a way into your life, you end up not loving yourself. I was on a call with my best friend the other night and we were talking about how life has changed for us. From the time we used to feel like there is a lot to do the entire day to the time now that 24 hours seem never enough to get done with our work. It is satiating. And I guess all …

My Journal

Been Gone Too Long

Hey Howdy How,  Hope you are all doing great.  I know I have been missing from the scene for a long time now, especially with the old word spew session that I love.  I missed everything, yes I did. Therefore, I AM BACK. My life in Indore has been good, going on and if we talk about it in one word, it has been BUSY! Yes, busy. That miserable, grief- stricken grown up word that we all hate to utter. I like being occupied but being busy to me means having no time for what you want to do or love. Though I am …

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