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“I am Cheryl John; a quirky storyteller celebrating life exploring the Indian culture, hogging on food and playing with pots and pans while cooking something scrumptious for my family and friends.”

You can even call me a keen writer by profession, a cook as most of my cousins call me and even a travel bug by passion.

In love with everything around me, I live my life as a freelance Content Provider and a Creative Content writer, dotting her dreams and turning them into reality while tossing a green salad and making sure the barbeque chicken is done excellent and juicy.

Apart from turning the good old guacamole into a burrito, I also travel. In fact, I don’t mind getting all sweaty, hiking or trekking.

Here on Cheryl Rambles, we live a life celebrating food and travel, living every day like a true sunshine soul, making sure you don’t ever return home without a happy tum!

Also, as a millennial wife in the making, I like to do a lot of things out of love (Yes! My husband’s a big foodie!) Hence, you will always find me continuously creating new recipes, sharing good old stories, eating buttery noodles, going to new restaurants and hopping new destinations.

What all will you find here?
Curries and Stories: Being an Indian, I have always been fond of curries and how my grandmother always had a new story to tell along with a recipe. Count in the legendary Mutton Rogan Josh or the basic Palak Paneer; Cheryl Rambles gives you stories you can relate to while you cook the same ghee rich food at your home.

Bake With Me: I pose an obsession for a lot of things, but when it comes to food, cakes are my favorite. Right since childhood, I had been watching my mother fold the batter and make the best Christmas cake and cookies for us. Here in Bake With Me, I give you amazing recipes to bake magic at home.

Healthy Eating 101: I’m a big believer that when it comes to food, balance is crucial, so whether you are looking for something sweet or a healthy meal that won’t make you run on a treadmill later! Hop on over to the Healthy Eating 101 section to explore more!

On My Plate: Life is nothing, if not explored more and if you feel “wish I had that once more” feeling every once in a while, you are at the right place. As an avid explorer who traverses new places and cultures with her tummy, I have got you covered when it comes to the best places to go to! In case you want to know what’s trending in a city, tune into Cheryl Rambles; for we have all the sneaks here!

Travelogues: In love with the suburbs, busy shopping streets, lip-smacking desi food and the sun that gives us light; I am usually traveling and exploring new places. I consider myself an obsessive Antiquarian and a sucker for peace and love. Here, you shall continuously find me narrating tales out of a history book, acting all inquisitive at a museum or even sitting by the beach, tuning in to something that just made my heart sing!

So, pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join me on my scrumptious and adventurous virtual journey.
Life is delicious and is best enjoyed with food in your mouth!!

QUICK FACT: I am a North Indian, married to a South Indian, living in Chennai, with my husband, amma, and appa.  We are planning on adopting puppies, so in case you have any, drop me a message.

You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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