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onion vetta kuzhambu
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Onion Vetta Kuzhambu (Onion Garlic Kuzhambu)

This quickest to make; an alternative to the traditional main South Indian dish sambar is a delight to the tummy. Starting to get acquainted with the fact that I am going to be entering a South Indian Family soon, I have this urge to learn all things Tamilian (especially food) so that I can keep Mister happy and gushing with appreciation all the time. As selfish as my needs might sound right now, this dish will completely turn you into a super selfish foodie when it’s done. With hints of tamarind and oodles of sambar masala along with ghee and …

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Try This Crazy Quick ‘Asian Garlic Noodles’ Recipe!

  10 minutes and done! Yes! This recipe goes to the lazy Friday nights that are spent binge-watching Netflix along with a pint full of barley water or that damn┬ácoke. While you might casually go to the kitchen, grab a packet of Maggi noodles or even Yippee if you are a fan of it, know that there are other really quick and easy ways available to upgrade your Netflix munchies. So, why not get rid of the same old Maggi noodles and try this ten mins crazy quick Asian Garlic noodles recipe to turn your Fridays around? Trust me; you …

chocolate cake recipe
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Mommy’s Good Old Chocolate Cake Recipe With An Easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

  Umm.. chocolate cake! The one that tingles the mind and gushes all the happy hormones out of the body. Eeep… I know how much all of us; count in kids, parents, elders, everyone love chocolate cake the most. While there are a number of recipes available online for making the fluffiest chocolate cake ever, I swear by this one. The best chocolate cake recipe ever? How can I say that? This recipe is right out of my mother’s little diary (the diary that she kept hidden all this while and I got to know about it while I was …

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