Try This Crazy Quick ‘Asian Garlic Noodles’ Recipe!


10 minutes and done!

Yes! This recipe goes to the lazy Friday nights that are spent binge-watching Netflix along with a pint full of barley water or that damn coke. While you might casually go to the kitchen, grab a packet of Maggi noodles or even Yippee if you are a fan of it, know that there are other really quick and easy ways available to upgrade your Netflix munchies. So, why not get rid of the same old Maggi noodles and try this ten mins crazy quick Asian Garlic noodles recipe to turn your Fridays around?

Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

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This quick recipe for an aromatic bowl full of Garlic Asian Noodles will leave you licking the bowl clean. It is a bowl full of saucy, hot goodness with the virtue of fresh veggies lying in your refrigerator. Plus, you don’t need any special noodles, I use Spaghetti, you can use any noodles of your choice.

Let’s make this super easy for you.

Asian Garlic Noodles


Asian Garlic Noodles

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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One packet spaghetti (I use an entire packet because I love to slurp in more noodles)
One cup diced chicken breast (In case you are a non-vegetarian)
Two tablespoons butter
One cup sliced mushrooms
One diced red, green and yellow bell pepper
Chopped fresh cilantro leaves


1/3 cup soya sauce
Three cloves minced garlic
One tbsp grated ginger
Two tbsp brown sugar or one tbsp regular sugar
One tbsp chili paste (I used Schezwan sauce)
One tsp sesame oil


  1. Take a bowl and mix soya sauce, garlic, brown sugar, ginger, chili paste and sesame oil; set aside.
  2. In a large pot, add a little salt and cook pasta; drain well.
  3. Heat butter in a pan and add chicken if you are using it. If not, add your veggies (bell pepper, and mushrooms).
  4. Add the sauce you made and don’t let the veggies turn mushy. (Fresh vegetables taste really good.)
  5. Add your spaghetti and toss properly in the sauce. Leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Serve hot garnishing with cilantro and eggs (in case you want eggs.)

P.S. I don’t use salt because I use salted butter for the veggies.

So, now that you have your bowl full of juicy Friday flavors ready, I’ll leave you to enjoy!

Try it and do let me know how you loved it.

Looking forward to your responses.


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